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Wednesday, 26th Jan

Maths - Follow the video link below, then complete the activity sheet on division with remainders.

Division with remainders

English - Today we will be starting to revise and edit our memoir. You will need to read through your memoir a number of times. Each time you read through it, you will be thinking about something different. Use the table below to focus on improving something different each time you read it.

Remember - your memoir should be:-

  • written in the past tense,
  • written in the first person,
  • it should be written in chronological order,
  • have interesting detail with expanded noun phrases
  • very sentence starters including a fronted adverbial.


Focus on the first two re-reads - fixing your sticky and yawny bits and grabbing your reader with an outstanding opening and thought-provoking ending.

Science - What do you remember about how sounds are made from our lesson last week? Read through the PowerPoint below to refresh your memory. Write a description of how you have made two different sounds and which part is vibrating. If you don't have any instruments at home perhaps you could make some sounds with other things you find such as saucepans or cups. If you are able to, have a go at making some string telephones and follow the instructions to complete the experiment.