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This week we read The Three Little Pigs and lots of our learning for the week as well as Drawing Club was based around this story.  The children built houses using different building materials, and we then used these to create our own map showing the pigs' homes and the surrounding area.  The children then explored how to programme our Bee Bots to move around the map.  On Welly Wednesday we continued to look at the signs of winter outside and the children then collected fallen twigs to make their own 'house of sticks'.  


In maths we continued using part part whole models to add and started to talk about the size of objects using the language bigger, smaller, taller, shorter.  


For homework, please use language relating to size to compare things at home such as toys, people's heights, etc.  We would also like your child to design their own house for the pigs using any material they would like to or a combination of materials.  This could be made practically or the design could be drawn, encourage your child to write labels for the different parts of the house.


Thank you for your continued support.