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Year 6 Homework

Year 6 homework will appear here weekly in a date labelled folder.  If your child is unsure about any aspect, please encourage them to talk to me in class or send me an email. The children will bring home a login card with information needed to access accounts. Please check logins and report any issues back to me so that amendments can be made.


- Pupils will have English, Maths and RE homework weekly. Tasks will be completed on Century Tech, and through written tasks.

- Pupils should read daily and record this in their dairy and complete the daily arithmetic task and record their score in their diary.

Homework is published for Thursday, please ensure your child plans their time carefully so homework is completed by the following Thursday each week.

Daily Arithmetic Practice

Pupils will bring home questions daily in their homework books and these will be reviewed in class and misconceptions addressed.

Easter 2023 Homework

Your children will be set a range of tasks on and Century Tech to complete over the Easter Holiday linked to areas they need to work on. It is recommended that children spend 20-30 mins a day completing tasks to keep skills sharp over the Easter Holiday period.

Summer Homework 2023