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26th May 2023

This week we have:

  • In Maths we have focused on “Height and Length” we have been using these questions throughout the week. What words can we use to describe how big something is? Can you bring/show me something else that is long/short/tall? Can you tell me which is your longest/shortest worm? How do you know? How many cubes are the same length as this worm? Can you put your worms into size order, starting with the shortest?
  • Used lots of Fred Talk in our phonics time, listening to the sounds in words and learned the first set of sounds in the Read Write Inc phonics scheme, we have also been starting to write the letters too.
  • Shared the story "The Very Greedy Bee" story by Steve Smallman and looked at bees an shared lots of 

    fascinating facts about them, including information on: 

  • What are bees?
  • Where does a bee live? 
  • What is pollination? 
  • How do bees help us? 
  • How can we help bees? 
  • We have also planted a sunflower seed in our plant pots that we brought into school.
  • As part of our learning in RE we have shared the story of Pentecost.

The Bees Go Buzzing | Kids Songs | Super Simple Songs

Watch this video and MUCH more in the Super Simple App for iOS! β–Ί 🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝"The Bees Go Buzzing" is a fun nursery rhyme to teach kids how to count to ten. It's also a great circle time song! 🎢The bees go buzzing nine by nine. The little one starts to fall behind.

God Sends the Holy Spirit

This animated Bible story for kids is based on Acts 2.