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13th October 2022

This week we:

  • Continued to learn about the changes in the autumn season and made an Autumn crown.
  • Practised our basic scissor skills and made a collage of the “Owl Babies” story.
  • Watched Percy the Park Keeper and learnt about how some animals are getting ready to sleep through winter season.


  • Shared some time with our Year 6 Special Friends.
  • We went into the hall for Celebration Assembly with the whole school and celebrated Isabelle Vince as our Star of the Week.
  • Began to learn about AB repeating patterns in maths.

How to Teach Your Child Patterns

  1. Stack, sort and count blocks. If your child is in preschool, you can help them sort items before learning to recognize patterns. ...
  2. Match socks by size and color. ...
  3. Sort kitchen items by category. ...
  4. Beads on a string. ...
  5. 'I spy' patterns in nature.