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Spring Curriculum


During this half term vehicle we were lucky enough hatch ducklings in our Nursery class.  Farmer Scott delivered the eggs and carefully placed them in an incubator in our classroom.  We watched and waited patiently for them to took about four days, They tapped out using their “egg tooth”.  We took great care in looking after them, we fed them, gave them water to drink and let them have a little swim in the water while we cleaned out their pen. We had lots of visitors in our classroom and even our families came to visit them too.  We also learnt about the life cycle of a beanstalk and planted our own bean seeds in a “Sprout House”, we watched the bean sprout and then replanted them into our own coloured pots 🌱🪴.

Learn with Me Parent Afternoon


We had a lovely afternoon sharing our learning with our families during our “Learn With Me” afternoon.  In the morning we thought about our mission statement “Let Trust, Respect and Love live here” focussing on the word LOVE as it was Valentines Day ❤️. We collaged a heart, practised our pencil control by colouring in, used our careful cutting skills, we shared our counting and subitising skills and then with the help of our grown ups we wrote a message on a red heart to someone we love for our prayer table. We had a super afternoon!! 

Our Spring 1 Curriculum Vehicle is...


The Wonders of Winter’.


We will be exploring and observing the wonderful changes in the winter season.  We will be talking about what clothes we need to keep us warm and we will compare our local area with polar regions using our Montessori globe 🌍.  We will also investigate the melting of ice and the changes of state by making our own fruit flavoured ice lollies.


Look forward to our exciting Winter Wonderland party at the end of the Spring 1 term where we share all of our findings with our families!

Exploring in the snow ❄️ ⛄️