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At St Anne's, Our Design and Technology curriculum aims to encourage pupils to develop technical knowledge and a high level of skills in designing, making and evaluating, through a variety of creative and practical experiences. We intend for children to design and make products that solve real-life and relevant problems within a variety of contexts, considering their own and others’ needs, wants and values.



Learning from the best - be inspired...

Year 3 had a fantastic DT workshop. They created their pneumatic toys using their own designs. Thank you to our parent helpers who attended. You all looked you enjoyed it as much as the children did 😃 ⚙️

What Our Pupils Say...

Y5 - "We have been learning about mechanisms.  I enjoyed it because I like to do and make stuff and experience new things and it looked great. The new skills I have learnt are how to pull a lever and how to make a pop up book.  I could use this skill to make a friend's birthday card."

Y1 - "I enjoy my DT lessons. I had to try the smoothie and it was nice.  I enjoyed cutting up the fruit and learnt how to hold a sharp knife safely."

Y3 - " In my DT lesson we were learning all about structures.  I learnt how to make paper stick together and how to fold paper into lots of different shapes."