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At St Anne's, we like children to experience art in a range of different formats including drawing, painting, sculpture and collage. The children use their sketch books to develop their artistic skills and to express themselves through various art projects. Their sketchbook annotations, reflections and use of subject specific vocabulary showcase their learning and understanding.




Children are given opportunities to explore the works of famous artists and their impact on the culture, creativity and wealth of our nation, as well as how Art and Design reflects and shapes our history. At St Anne's, we look for opportunities for children to develop a real understanding and appreciation of the world, learning from the best that has been developed and said.


Here are the artists we learn about: 

Be inspired by learning from the best!



'Do the best you can and never stop.' Stephen Wiltshire

What Our Pupils Say...

Felix Y1 - "We have been learning about Henri Matisse. He enjoyed 'painting with
scissors' and we have been doing the same. We have looked at lines and curves too."


Matilda Y2 - "Art lessons make me feel excited and I am proud of my artwork. We have been learning about Vincent Van Gogh who created flower paintings and self-portraits. I also know about the artist 'Barbara Hepworth'."


Lennon Y3 - "My art lessons make me feel like I'm an artist! I always feel proud of my artwork."


Sofia Y4 - "Art makes me happy because there is no right or wrong. I would do art every day if I could!"


Leighton Y5 - "Art makes me feel creative and I always feel proud of my artwork."


Sophia Y6 - "We have been learning about Augustin Rodin. He likes making sculptures and sculpts hands out of metal. I enjoyed learning about the artists 'Lowry' and 'Giacometti' last year."


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