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3rd November 2022

This week we have continued to make patterns. Can you make some patterns at home?

Read or watch the Gruffalo by Julia Donaldson.

Can you answer questions about the story?

• Can you list the animals that the mouse meets in the story ?

• Where does the story take place ?

• How does the mouse feel when he meets the fox, owl and snake ? why ?

• What does the Gruffalo look like ?

• How does the mouse feel when he meets the Gruffalo ?

• Are the fox, owl and snake really afraid of the mouse ?

• Is the Gruffalo really mean and scary ?



Play ‘Gruffalo I Spy’ With a member of your family. Choose a character from the story. Guess the character by listening to the initial sound eg. I spy with my little eye an animal beginning with mmmmm.

Please could you upload photographs as evidence onto the Tapestry app so that we can share them on our Interactive Whiteboard with your child in class. This is a great opportunity for communication and language skills to be developed and encouraged.