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What our children say about us


"St Anne’s is awesome!" (Arlo)

"I love my teachers!" (Daisy)


Year 1

"We can get house points for being good, being kind, helping others, great reading and we get to celebrate in assembly." (Camden)

"I like going to school, I like the playground and playing with my friends. I love learning phonics!" (Poppy Rose)


Year 2

"There are lots of friends you can make at our school because we all like each other at St Anne's." (Orla)

"We have great fun on the playground, lots of games to play with our friends. We do a lot of fun learning stuff." (Leo)


Year 3

"We try to help others at our school, we raise lots of money for different charities." (Luke)

"At St Anne's the whole school work together to help raise money for different charities and we have lots of fun activities to do it." (Naomi)


Year 4

"All the people at our school are very welcoming Miss Miller and Mrs Conlin they are people you would meet first- they are very friendly." (Caleb)

"We like to improve our work all the time; we can get a pen licence if we try hard with our handwriting." (Orla)


Year 5

"The way the teachers teach is great, they are good at explaining things and the activities are interesting." (Kavin)

"We have lots of different things at our school such as our library, music room and computer room to help with our learning and give us new opportunities." (Lucas)


Year 6

"Lessons are really educational, I enjoy power maths lessons and maths is my favourite subject." (Louise)

"There is a good community in St Anne’s, everyone welcomes people in, especially anyone new joining our school." (Rosie)