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Autumn Curriculum

Autumn Term Curriculum Overview

Stunning Stafford!

We have been learning all about our local area for this vehicle. We have been using our geography lessons to look at the uses and the different kinds of maps (such as aerial view, street view and bird's eye) and have even had a go at drawing a map of our classroom!

We designed and wrote postcards to our family and friends! This encouraged us to think about the different things in Stafford - we learnt that these kinds of things are called 'landmarks'.

This week, we have been looking at the different things we have in Stafford. We have talked about our favourite things, and even identified some of them on a map! We have been using directional language such as North, East, South and West to talk about where things are on the maps we have been using.

This week in geography, we have learnt about human and physical features. We learnt that human features are man-made and physical features are natural. We were that amazing, we were given a challenge to go out onto the playground to look for some examples!