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Year 4 Homework

Year 4 homework will appear here weekly in a date labelled folder.  If your child is unsure about any aspect, please encourage them to talk to me in class or send me an email. The children will bring home a login card with information needed to access accounts. Please check logins and report any issues back to me so that amendments can be made.



Homework is published for Thursday, please ensure your child plans their time carefully so homework is completed by the following Thursday each week.

Daily Arithmetic Practice

Daily arithmetic questions are now sent home in your homework book. Please complete each day and return the book to school on a Wednesday for marking together in class.

KIRFs (Key Instant Recall Facts)

These are facts which children should practice and learn which will help them with their learning in the classroom. We will practice them regularly in class but it would help your child if you practice them at home too. This half term we are looking multiplying and dividing single digit numbers by 100.

Summer Term Homework

Summer Term Project

This half terms whole school homework task is for the children to create a presentation about something they love to do or have a passion for! It could be a poster about attending cubs or brownies or a leaflet about the history of Lego. The children's work will then be shared with the whole school - more information to follow on this. We also have another exciting project that is going to be running in school relating to being an inventor. The children are going to be thinking about inventions that would solve everyday problems or make peoples lives easier. This project will be school based but we would encourage you to discuss ideas with your children to help the creative process.

Spring Term Homework

Inspiring Women Projects 

To Celebrate Women's month children were asked create a project about an inspiring woman. In Year 4 we were thinking about women musicians. We had some wonderful creations. Here are just a few...

Autumn Term Homework 2022