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13th January


  • Began to understand and explore the number 1.
  • Used lots of Fred Talk in our phonics time, listening to the sounds in words.
  • Looked at the changes in the winter season and what clothes we need to keep us warm.
  • Shared Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers and retold the story in our small world area.
  • Sang the Winter Hokey Cokey song.
  • Began to learn and understand Baptism in RE and the importance of being a part of God’s family.
  • Used our gross motor skills during PE and practised our throwing, catching and rolling balls skills.  Mrs Bennett has also bought us some new trikes and balance bikes, we have had so much fun riding on them.


We have been exploring and understanding number 1.  Wherever possible, ensure that your child is counting real life objects.  They can start by counting identical objects before moving onto counting objects that have slight differences e.g different colours, different sizes, but make sure that the objects are of the same type. Encourage your child to put objects in a line when counting so they have a clear start and end point.

Winter Hokey Pokey Dance - The Kiboomers Preschool Songs for Circle Time - Clothes Vocabulary

Sing along and learn with The Kiboomers preschool songs & nursery rhymes for circle time! Here's our Winter Hokey Pokey Dance Song for kids! A fun dance song that teaches winter clothes vocabulary! Learning is so much fun with The Kiboomers! 'WINTER HOKEY POKEY SONG LYRICS' Come outside and let's do the Winter Hokey Pokey!