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Who's Who

Here's a list of our staff:


Mr M Killeen, Head of School, Safeguarding Lead

Mr D Grattage (Year 6) Deputy Headteacher & KS2 Leader

Mrs R Brandon, Teacher (Year 5)

Mrs E Hampton, Teacher (Year 4) 

Mrs L Ward, Teacher (Year 3) & SEN Lead

Mrs H Richardson, Teacher (Year 2) & KS1 Leader

Miss E Squire, Teacher (Year 1)

Mrs S Lakin, Teacher (Reception Class), EYFS Leader, Deputy Safeguarding Lead

Mrs E Little, Nursery Manager (Nursery Class)

Mrs K Silvester (Teacher)


Office Staff:

Mrs M T Conlin, School Business Manager

Miss J Miller, Clerical Assistant


Teaching Assistants:


Mrs T Allcock, Teaching Assistant

Mrs A Dawson,  Teaching Assistant

Ms L Mair, Teaching Assistant

Mrs J Potts,Teaching Assistant

Mrs C Strong, Teaching Assistant

Mrs K Bundy, Teaching Assistant

Ms C Cummins, Teaching Assistant


Lunchtime Supervisors:

Mrs A King,  Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs S Abbey-Somers, Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs L Price, Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs A Salsbury, Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs F Wasiuk, Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs M Ashby, Lunchtime Supervisor



Mr I Ackroyd


Catering Staff:

Mrs N Tooke

Ms J Norman