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Who's Who


Mrs Bennett,

Executive Headteacher

Mr Killeen, 

Head of School &

Safeguarding Lead

Mrs Gill, 

Y6 Teacher

Mrs Brandon,

Reception Teacher


Mrs Hampton, 

Y4 Teacher

Mrs Ward, 

Y2 Teacher & SEN Lead

Mrs Richardson,

Y1 Teacher

Mrs Campling

Teaching Assistant


Miss Squire,

Y3 Teacher

Mrs Gliddon,

Year 1 Teacher

Mrs Little

Nursery Manager

Mrs Silvester,



Mrs Conlin,

School Business Manager

Miss Miller,

Clerical Officer

Miss Mair,

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Potts,

Teaching Assistant


Mrs Hollinshead

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Bundy,

Teaching Assistant

Miss Cummins,

Teaching Assistant

Miss Newport,

Teaching Assistant



Mr Ackroyd


Mrs King,

Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs Price, 

Lunchtime Supervisor


Mrs Salsbury,

Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs Ashby,

Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs Wasiuk,

Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs Summers,

Lunchtime Supervisor


Here's a list of our staff:

Mrs K Bennett, Executive Headteacher

Mr M Killeen, Head of School, Safeguarding Lead

Mrs F Gill (Year 6) 

Mr J Lovatt, Teacher (Year 5)

Mrs E Hampton, Teacher (Year 4) 

Miss E Squire, Teacher (Year 3)

Mrs L Ward, Teacher (Year 2) & SEN Lead

Mrs M Gliddon, Teacher (Year 1)

Mrs H Richardson, Teacher (Year 1 - Maternity leave)

Mrs R Brandon, Teacher (Reception Class)

Mrs E Little, Nursery Manager (Nursery Class)

Mrs K Silvester (Teacher)


Office Staff:

Mrs M T Conlin, School Business Manager

Miss J Miller, Clerical Officer


Teaching Assistants:

Ms L Mair, Teaching Assistant

Mrs J Potts,Teaching Assistant

Mrs K Bundy, Teaching Assistant

Ms C Cummins, Teaching Assistant

Miss L Newport, Teaching Assistant

Mrs J Campling, Teaching Assistant

Mrs L Hollinshead, Teaching Assistant


Lunchtime Supervisors:

Mrs A King,  Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs S Abbey-Somers, Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs L Price, Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs A Salsbury, Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs F Wasiuk, Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs M Ashby, Lunchtime Supervisor



Mr I Ackroyd


Catering Staff:

Ms J Norman