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Spring Curriculum

Our Spring Term Curriculum Vehicle is...


'What On Earth?'


We will be discovering what life was life in the Stone, Bronze and Iron Ages using artefactual evidence and visual images. We will be closely observing rocks and soil with a variety of investigations and we will learn all about fossils and become inspired by Mary Anning's significant contributions to science.


Look forward to our exciting exhibit for our very own Rock and Fossil Museum!

Spring Term Projects

Year 3 worked really hard on their Spring Term Homework Projects. Focusing on Woman's History Month, their projects were inspired by artists in women's history. Here is just a small sample of their amazing work! 

We made a recording of us singing of 'With this Hope' to join with others from around the world to celebrate together through song.

For science week, we had a visit from a Radiographer. We had so much fun looking at x-ray images, making up a skeleton and finding out about where our organs sit beneath our bones. 

We had a great time at Wolseley Wildlife Centre experiencing what life might have been like in the Stone Age! 

In science we made a dirt pudding to model the different layers of the Earth. Each yummy ingredient represented a different layer.

We are geologists! We have carried out investigations to compare and  group different rocks. 

We have closely observed a variety of rocks including sandstone, basalt, chalk, limestone, marble, slate, gneiss, gabbro, granite. We described each piece using scientific vocabulary (grainy, layered, hard, light, crystals, compact, jagged, porous, sparkly, dull).