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This half term we will be looking at Traditional Tales and we started off with Little Red Riding Hood. We have continued to explore the Polar regions and we focussed on the animals you might find in colder habitats. 

In Maths, we have been exploring 8, 9 and 10 and ensuring our counting is accurate when we count a collection of objects. 

All children have been placed into our phonics groups now, which means they are mixed into groups with Ks1, Ms Mair and Miss Evans from Year 1 are leading two of our groups and the children are making good progress in these.




We would like all children to draw and label a picture of their favourite character from a traditional tale please for a display in our classroom.  


Each week the children will have a 'book bag book' from the phonics group which they need to read at least three times during the week to build their reading fluency and story telling voice. Please record this reading in your child's reading diary. 

Please continue to read the red word from last week's homework and encourage your child to write them too. 


Counting - ask your child to count different sets of objects from around your home, this could be peas on their plate, buttons, spoons. We are encouraging the children to be accurate and think about laying them out in a line to make counting easier or moving them into a new pile when they have counted them so as not to miss any out. 


RE - We will be learning about Baptism over the next few weeks, if your child has been baptised please can you discuss the service and share with them any photographs or momentos from the day. 


Thank you for your continued support.