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Spring Curriculum

Sensational Structures

Our 'Sentational Structures' vehicle will see us exploring incredible natural and man-made structures around the world and throughout history from Egyptian pyramids, well-known buildings from around the globe to the Rocky mountains. The knowledge we gain will help us to create our own structures to create habitats for living things in our local environment.


Our Prickly Visitor

Icicle the hedgehog came in to meet the class. He had been rescued and was being looked abed and cared for by Mrs Lovatt.

Solid, liquid or gas?

We have been learning about states of matter in science. We took a liquid - cream - and turned it into a solid - butter - just by shaking it. 

We tested the viscosity of a liquid by how quickly it runs down a sloping surface. Can you guess which liquid is most viscous?

Times Tables Fun

Our families came to join us for some times tables fun. We played times tables games and challenges. The quietest tables was definitely the times tables mindfulness colouring!

World Book Day

One World Book Day we all came to school in our pyjamas for an early bedtime story. Even our teddy bears had a sneaky read during our lunch break!

Aero-dynamic slingshot cars

After investigating the designs of different vehicles we have been designing and making our own sling-shot vehicles. 

The Duckings

We had a wonderful time meeting the new visitors in Nursery - the ducklings which hatched a few days earlier. 

Lichfield Cathedral Concert

We had been learning songs for weeks and finally we performed them in Lichfield Cathedral with children from other schools. We had a wonderful time and the audience enjoyed our performance so much they gave us a standing ovation.

Super Structures

We have been investigating structures using cocktail sticks and marshmallows. Look how many shapes we have made...