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We hope you all had a restful break over the half term. The children started off the week sharing their holiday news and we used this as a writing opportunity. In maths we have been learning about 3D and 2D shapes and we went on a shape hunt around the school, we enjoyed playing a shape search game on the KS2 playground. 

We continued our busy week of learning as we read the book called 'Little Glow' all about how we use light to celebrate at different points in the year, which followed on from our Diwali work before the break. We also looked at Bonfire Night and how fireworks can be used for celebrations. 

In our Science work we have begun to look at light and dark and have been learning about the animals which hibernate. 

As we continue with our theme celebrating people who help us we learnt about firefighters this week and we were excited to learn that a crew will be coming in to visit us in school on the 15th November. 



The children will be bringing home a reading diary and either a blending book or three 'ditty' sheets as we explained at parents evening. Please allow your child to read these, we ask the children to identify 'special friends, fred talk, read the word' - they are looking for digraphs which they have learnt, then sounding the word out before blending it to read. 

We have read all the ditty sheets in class as a phonics group so the children should be able to talk about them. 


We are also sending home a copy of 'Hail Mary' for you to share with your children, we will begin learning this together in class over the next few weeks. 


For maths, please could you ask your children to go on a shape hunt around your house, or when you are out on a walk. If you can please add photos of this onto Tapestry for us to share together in class next week. 


Thank you