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Autumn Curriculum

Autumn Curriculum



This term for our curriculum vehicle we are becoming Amazing Artists! We are exploring the life and work of Vincent Van Gogh. We will be creating art to display in our very own Year 2 Art Gallery - please see the invitation below for more information on when parents can visit our gallery. In addition, we have welcomed some exciting visitors into school - the local Fire Service! We have also been on an amazing class trip to the Ancient High House - linking with our history learning on the Stuarts and the Great Fire of London.


For more information on our learning in Year 2 this term please see below:


Thank you to all of the family members who came to see our amazing Art Gallery and took part in our Parent Art Afternoon. The children all had a fantastic time creating portraits of their family members.

Parent Art Afternoon

Parent Afternoon Invitation

Fire Safety - Then Vs Now


Vincent Van Gogh