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Easter Holidays

Happy Easter!


As I mentioned at Parents' Evening, in the summer term we will be moving on to some tricky concepts in maths. Therefore, over the holidays, can you introduce:

  • Time - on the hour and half past the hour. Simple ideas such as pointing the time out to children on a clock, talking about the clocks going forwards, talking about the different hands on a clock.
  • Halves - when cooking, doing laundry, cleaning etc. Talk about the concept that half is two equal parts.
  • Quarters - the concept that this is half of a half or four equal parts


For English can you practice the common exception words and keep practicing writing at every opportunity? For example:

  • Keeping a diary of what they have done over the holidays
  • Writing a letter to their friends telling them about what they have been up to!

Please ensure your child is holding their pencil properly and forming their letters correctly.



Please see below for some optional homework tasks.





(Optional) Maths Homework

(Optional) English Homework