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What an exciting week we have had -  we have been visited by the gingerbread man! Throughout the week we discovered he kept doing mischevious things and so we decided to create traps and create wanted posters to try and stop him. The gingerbread man had taken photos of the local area which we identified and placed into a map to help work out where he might be heading to next. 


We have also been looking at the signs of Autumn and for homework we would like you to go on an Autumn walk and write a list of the things that you see (focus on the initial sound can they hear what the word starts with? - eg 'red leaf' might be recorded at this stage as 'r l'). 


Tapestry is up and running now and hopefully you are all able to log on and see some of the photographs we have added. We will be using tapestry more as a way for you to record the homework and provide photographs to share within show and tell. Please add photos from your Autumn walk and writing to tapestry. If you have any problems with logging on or you haven't yet recieved a email to help you set up your account please let us know. 


If you have a look in the 'Catholic life' section of the Reception page you will see Prayers to learn - the children are doing very well with the daily prayers, please continue to practise them together at home.


Thank you for supporting you child with reading the cvc words we sent home and uploaded on last week's homework page. Please continue with this along with your fred talk!