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Autumn Term

Autumn Term Curriculum Vehicle


Year 2's Autumn Vehicle will be 'How can I keep safe?'


This vehicle will encourage children to think about their safety and the safety of those around them. Children will learn to look for and evaluate hazards and risks and will be able to think of ways to tackle them to ensure their safety. Children will be considering things such as; online safety, fire safety, emotional wellbeing and their own safety within the school and wider environment. 


Whilst this vehicle is broad and encompasses a range of themes, it also has links to children's autumn curriculum learning too. It has links to children's history learning (the Great Fire of London), their PSHE topics, science, computing and DT topics. 

11th September 2023

We had great fun in maths today using Base 10 to represent big numbers! We have found them really useful when thinking about numbers to 100, they have really helped us clearly see then tens and ones in numbers.

15th September 2023

This week in PE, we have practiced different balances. We were finding it tricky to start with but Miss Evans told us that if we look at something still, it makes it easier! Owen also taught us another trick - if you hold your ear, you don't wobble! We then played a game of mirrors, where we had to copy the balance our partners did.

26th September 2023

Key Stage 1 have been signed up to a new NCETM initiative called 'Mastering Number'. As part of this, we have been sent some rekenreks to help us understand numbers and their make-up in greater depths. We were introduced to them today and Miss Evans showed us how to use them. As you can see by our faces, we were delighted! We can't wait to start the rest of the lessons!

27th September 2023

Today in art, we have been working on our observational drawing skills. Miss Evans bought some sunflowers for us to study and draw whilst thinking about Van Gogh's 'Sunflowers'. We now know that it took 2 years to paint (1888 and 1889), Van Gogh painted 5 canvasses of sunflowers, and that it was painted in the south of France. We really enjoyed today's lesson and all concentrated very hard - Miss Evans has never heard us so quiet! laugh We then left our books open on our tables and went for a walk around the classroom to have a look at our friends' work and give them positive and encouraging feedback.