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Autumn Term

'Industrial Inspiration'


Welcome the first of our vehicles in Year 5. Our focus explores the impact of industry in our world through history and its impact in art. Visit this page regularly to find out what we have been learning about.


We have been investigating gravity in science. We timed how long it takes for objects to drop from the same height. Do they all fall at the same rate?

Friction is when objects move against each other. It can cause things to slow down and even stop. We tasted the friction of different shoes.

Bridges - testing bridge structures

Bridges - we have been building our own truss bridges using spaghetti and masking tape.

Visit to Blessed William Howard High School

We had a wonderful time learning all about coding with Mr Brookes. We even managed to get our name in lights!

We had a fantastic time exploring air resistance when we made paper planes. We thought carefully about making our plane streamlined to reduce air resistance so that it would travel further.

We shared our Prayer Assembly with the school and our visitors all about Creation. We shared how we are being stewards of God’s creation.

We have looked at primary sources of Victorian schools to find out about what school was like during the reign of Queen Victoria.

We have been investigating the effects of levers and pulleys on lifting and moving objects.

We have used model beaches to explore the effect the sea has on the coastline.

Our parents and grandparents joined us for some grammar games.

Remembrance Day class worship

Painting images of Stafford using contrasting colours

Multi-faith week. Mr Tiwani came to visit us to tell us about the Sikh faith.

Anti-bullying week : ‘Making a noise’ on Odd sock day

Sacrament of the sick

Father Bob came to visit us to tell us about the sacrament of the sick. He explained when it is given and what happens during the sacrament. He was able to answer lots of our questions. 

African Drumming

Year 5 fundraising for Cafod

Christmas Carol Service

Come and Join the Celebration

Still image for this video

Christmas Dinner day!

Year 5 Bambellinis

What a busy term Year 5 have had. They have produced some fantastic work and put in lots of effort! Time for a rest over Christmas ready for lots of new learning in the Lent term.