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Autumn Term

'Industrial Inspiration'


Welcome the first of our vehicles in Year 5. Our focus explores the impact of industry in our world through history and its impact in art. Visit this page regularly to find out what we have been learning about.


We have been investigating gravity in science. We timed how long it takes for objects to drop from the same height. Do they all fall at the same rate?

Friction is when objects move against each other. It can cause things to slow down and even stop. We tasted the friction of different shoes.

Bridges - testing bridge structures

Bridges - we have been building our own truss bridges using spaghetti and masking tape.

Visit to Blessed William Howard High School

We had a wonderful time learning all about coding with Mr Brookes. We even managed to get our name in lights!

We had a fantastic time exploring air resistance when we made paper planes. We thought carefully about making our plane streamlined to reduce air resistance so that it would travel further.