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Why we have a school uniform 
We believe that the wearing of uniform encourages children to have a sense of belonging and of being part of a community. It is an outward expression of the school’s identity and promotes a feeling of pride and equality. In addition, we believe that the wearing of a ‘uniform’, helps children understand that they come to school, a place to work and learn together. 

School Uniform
Ensures that children wear clothing to school which is safe and practical

Promotes pride in their school and a sense of identity

Promotes St Anne's as a Learning Community

Promotes the image of the school within the local area and the town 

Eliminates competition amongst children in relation to what they wear

We also ensure that the uniform is simple and reasonably priced.


School uniform must be worn at all times and all items must be named.


Grey Trousers/Shorts

Grey Skirt/Pinafore/Summer optional pink/white gingham dress

School Sweatshirt, Cardigan  (Maroon)

White shirt and school tie 

Black School Shoes (no Sling backs, sandals or high heals)

Black/White/Grey socks or maroon tights 



House Colour T Shirt (available from School Office) for Reception to Year 6

Nursery - White T Shirt

Black Tracksuit with school logo (available from Crested Schoolwear, Uniform Shop)

Black Shorts (Summer)



Uniform available from Crested Schoolwear,

35-36 Gaolgate Street, Stafford, ST16 2NT