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Pentecost Term

Ready, Steady, Grow!


This vehicle will encourage curiosity and responsibility. Children will be learning all about the parts of a plant and what they do in their Science lessons this term. Children will spend lots of their science lessons outside this term as the weather gets better, to take advantage of the Prayer Garden and the field's variety of plants.  They will be taking ownership of their own learning and experimenting by planting seeds and growing plants ready to sell at our Strawberry Fayre this summer!

Pentecost Term Overview

Sports day fun!

We had a great time on our school trip today, we visited Wolseley Wildlife Centre. 

We did lots of things, whilst enjoying the lovely weather.


  • Leaf and wildflower hunts
  • Identified the parts of a plan and their uses
  • Bark rubbing
  • Made tree spirits out of clay and other natural materials we found


We had a really lovely day in nature πŸͺ΅πŸƒπŸŒΊπŸŒ»β˜€οΈ

Planting seeds in our learn with me session

Andy Goldsworthy double page spreads

Today, we started our double page spreads all about our focus artist Andy Goldsworthy. We used natural colours because he is a sculptor that uses natural materials. We learnt lots of facts about him ready to add to our spreads next lesson!

Microhabitat hunting!

Today in science, we learnt all about microhabitats. We then went on a hunt to find some on the field and see what minibeasts we could find there. We found some bees, ants, ladybirds and some flies. We then went back to class to write a recount all about what we had done in our lesson.

Telling the time to the nearest 15 minutes

We had fun in maths today recapping time to the nearest half an hour. We used our learning of fractions to help us move on to find the nearest quarter of an hour. Miss Evans is very impressed that some of us even knew time to the nearest 5 minutes!

We had a great time today thanks to Miss Hutchinson! She organised for the whole school to have some enrichment today, a slot at practicing some circus skills. We had a fab time learning to juggle, walk on stilts, balance feathers, spin plates and use flower batons. Take a look!

Making our ferris wheels 🎑

We started making our Farris wheels in DT today. Miss Evans and Ms Mair were very impressed with our patience and team work today. It was lovely to see so many children working together to help each other and sharing resources.


Thank you to Kingsley for taking these photos whilst Miss Evans was busy chopping up cardboard!🎑

We finished our Ferris wheels today! We added pods and made sure our structures were stable. We hope you like them! 🎑πŸŽͺ

Listen to our brilliant reading!!

Still image for this video

This is what we were reading...