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Autumn Curriculum

'Hear the Call - Take Action!'

Year 6's vehicle for the autumn term is 'Hear the Call - Take Action'. The vehicle takes its inspiration from one of the key events in Year 6 - Confirmation. Through this sacrament, the pupils' renew their baptismal promises and say 'Yes' to God themselves. The Holy Spirit then bestows the gifts and fruits upon them to help them hear the voice of God and act in his name.

The children are going to be learning how their actions can impact positively on the lives of others and hear from key speakers from the school community, parish community and the local community. The children will then plan and take part in activities to make a positive impact. They are then going to hear from national and international groups to see how they can hear the call of the national and global community and use their experience from planning local actions to make a difference further a field.


Special Friends - Challenge 1

The children have received their first project - supporting the Reception and Nursery children as they settle into primary school.  Mrs Brandon, Mrs Richards, Mrs Little and Miss Cumings, asked the children to consider how they could support the children as they join our school community for the first time and set them the challenge of planning how this could be achieved.  Watch this space for their ideas.....

Hear the Call take Action - Challenge 2 

Call of the Holy Spirit

As part of their learning journey Year 6 were joined by Father Steven who shared his faith journey and helped the children reflect on what their vocation could be.

Hear the Call - Take Action

Challenge 3 - Helping the Wider Community

For their 3rd Challenge the pupils' looked to the wider community and identified issues around litter and caring for the local environment.  Clive, from Stafford Litter Heroes, came to share his work with the children (and parents) and the impact his group has had.  The children, with the help of family volunteers, then went on a litter pick around the church, shops and local park.


Making blood! - Science

Year 6 have been learning about how the circulatory system works and the importance of blood in keeping us healthy and alive! They are now able to explain the roles of red and white blood cells, platelets and plasma.

Child's Play - Designing Playground Equipment - Design Technology

Take a look at some of the final designs of playground equipment.  The children have learnt how to use a range of joining techniques to create structures.

Rodin Study - Art

The children have made an excellent start at exploring the work of Rodin and developing their sketching techniques.