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Spring Curriculum

Spring Vehicle - Trading up!

During the 'Trading up!' vehicle the children will learn about Fair Trade and how CAFOD use this to help develop self support systems for communities around the world. The children will in turn help plan the schools 'Big Lent Walk' event and  run their own stall to raise the profile of CAFOD's work and sell products to raise money to support farmers overseas.

Challenge 1 - What is Fairtrade?

The children used their geography lesson to research the origins of fairtrade and the positive impact it has on farmers all over the the world.


Challenge 2 - What products can we find locally that support Fairtrade?

Year 6 visited the Co-op to learn more about fairtrade products that can be purchased, both fresh produce and also products made with fairtrade ingredients.

Challenge 3 - Planning the 'Big Lent Walk' Event


Challenge 4 - 'Learn with Us'  - Open class afternoon to make fairtrade products to sell

Challenge 5 - 'Big Lent Walk - Shine Your Light' Event

Year 6 In Action


The children have been learning how to use classification keys to organise information. They particularly enjoyed perfecting their skills classify Haribo! They were then able to transfer these skills to classify a range of birds and animals.

Design Technology 

The pupils were able to use their circuit skills, learnt in science before Christmas, to produce a steady hand game. This project combine the skills of constructing a metal course as well as creating a casing to hold the electrical circuit.  The pupils design included the use of light or sound to indicate when the challenger touched the metal course! Fancy a go? You will find a selection of games on the 'Spotlight' display!


Children have begun their new dance unit in PE, using their knowledge of World War 2 to put together a motif. Children considered key elements of the war such as dam busters, tanks, salutes, marching etc 

Class worship 07.03.2023 

Children took part in class worship today focusing on our Catholic Virtues 'Learned and Wise.' Children listened to the Parable of the sower of seed and responded with ways we can be 'learned' by listening to the word of God.  Just as a planted seed starts to grow, the word of God starts to deepen and grow within us.


Forensic scene investigation 13.03.2023

Year Six welcomed Mrs Birch from Wolverhampton University into our classroom today to create and analyse a crime scene! We had to look for clues to find out what had happened in the library. Wearing full PPE, we took blood swobs, dusted for finger prints and searched for objects that could we could send to the laboratory to be analysed for DNA.

Design Technology 


Today we prepared wood and card for assembly by measuring, marking out, cutting and  ready to make the frame of an automata toy