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Summer Term

Explorers and Inventors


Welcome to the summer term in Year 1. This term's vehicle 'Explorers and Inventors' links with our geography unit where we will be exploring the continents and oceans of the world. Also, in history we will be learning about the Wright brothers who invented, built and flew the worlds first successful aeroplane. In DT we will become inventors ourselves, creating our own windmill fairground structures and then taking part in the 'Little Inventors Challenge'. We are also excited to be going on a class trip to the RAF Museum at Cosford in June!

In science, we explored and identified different leaves and created detailed drawings.

In English, we created persuasive posters for the Wright brothers plane!

In DT, we designed and constructed our own windmills!

In computing, we have been following an algorithm to paint a picture correctly.

In art, we researched the artist Alfred Wallis.

In English, we wrote rhyming poems inspired by Michael Rosen.