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Summer Term

Vehicle - Multiplication Masters

Our vehicle for the Summer term is 'Multiplication Masters'.

In preparation for our multiplication check after May half-term we are trying to become Multiplication Masters and learn EVERY times table from 1x1 to 12x12!

We have a challenge booklet to try and complete each week with new questions to test our knowledge. 

We are also completing a TTRS battle each week in our teams to encourage us to practice at home too!

Once we have completed our multiplication tables check, we will be turning our focus into helping next year's year 4s become Multiplication Masters too by sharing our top tips and advice!


Week 1 TTRS battle results

1. Tigers

2. Wolves

3. Bears

4. Lions


Congratulations to everyone who's contributed to their team's score this week and good luck for next week!

Superstar battlers (child who contributed the most to their team) this week:

Tigers - Shanice

Wolves - Laurence

Bears - Irene

Lions - Reuben