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15th June 2023

This week we have:

  • In Maths we have focused on weight. Light and heavy and comparison. Initially we have looked at objects that might be heavy and then moved on to comparing weights.  We explored the balancing scales and discussed that the heavier side goes a see-saw.  We used natural objects to compare their weight on the scales.
  • Used lots of Fred Talk in our phonics time, listening to the sounds in words and learned the first set of sounds in the Read Write Inc phonics scheme, we have also been starting to write the letters too.
  • Shared the story "The Snail and the Whale" by Julia Donaldson
  • Read other fiction and non fiction books about sharks and sea creatures
  • Used the sentences during our busy morning jobs for example 'Today is Monday, the weather is sunny'...
  • Worked as a team to construct water shoots for a boats to slide down.
  • As part of our learning in RE we have been learning about Special Celebrations and that they are happy occasions.  This we have learnt that weddings are special celebration for people who love each other and that can take place in a church.

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