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Year 1

Welcome to Year 1's Class Page Autumn 2022

Miss Evans and Ms Mair


Welcome to your autumn term in Year 1! Miss Evans and Ms Mair are very excited to meet you. This term will be full of new responsibilities and will give us lots of new learning opportunities.



  • Our school day starts at 8:40am, with our first lesson starting at 8:45.
  • We will finish school at 3:20pm (for the first few weeks of term, we might take a little longer as we need to learn to get ourselves organised to go home - please bear with us!)
  • PE is on Mondays and Wednesdays, we ask that children come to school ready in their PE kit on these days.
  • At home time, please do not encourage your child to come straight over to you until they have made a member of staff aware that they can see someone and pointed them out to us (if you could wave so we can get used to faces that would be fab!)


As always, if you wish to discuss any aspect of the Year 1 Curriculum or any issues regarding your child please contact the school office to arrange an appointment either by phone or email 


Please check back weekly to see what Year 1 have been up to as they love to share their learning journey!