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Summer Curriculum

26.06.2023 Year 6 had a great time preparing and cooking pasta sauces this morning as part of our 'come dine with me' unit in DT. They are looking forward to taking their sauces home and treating their families to dinner this evening!

Sustainability Survey-Monday 19th June 2023



Year Six visited their local area to question businesses and members of the public about sustainability. They asked questions such as ‘what are your views on sustainability?’ and asked the BOD how they supported sustainability in their café. They asked JoJo’s fish and chip shop why they had recently changed their packaging and heard from Francesco’s hair salon on how they reduce, reuse and recycle. Members of the public told us how they were trying to use their car less, use food services such as ‘gusto boxes’ to reduce food waste and had installed solar panels on their houses to create renewable energy.

The NSPCC visited year 6 on Tuesday 13th June to deliver a workshop on 'speak out, stay safe.' Carol reminded us how to get in contact with child line if we had a worry and to always tell a trusted adult if something is concerning us.

Women's History Month - Computing

Year 6 focus homework project was to find out more about women who have made an impact in the world of computing.  The children produced posters, PowerPoints and presented their findings to each other. Well-done Year 6!

Coronation Celebrations!

Year 6 designed and baked Coronation biscuits to celebrate the Coronation. There piping skills were very impressive.

Special Friends - Game designing

After Year 6's final SAT paper they spent their time designing games for their Reception and Nursery Special Friends. It was a lovely end to a week of focus and amazing resilience from everyone.  

Making Memories - Wildwood Picnic

As a reward for all their hard work the children visited Wildwood Park to enjoy a picnic in the sun. Parents and family members joined us to enjoy the sunshine with Mr Dadge providing the fresh candy floss!!

'Looking Back, Moving Forward'

The vehicle theme for our last term with be 'Looking Back, Moving Forward', taking time to celebrate the children's achievements and prepare for the next part of their learning journey. The children have 6 challenges to complete during this vehicle:


Challenge 1 Vehicle journey planning


Challenge 2 Bike-ability and travelling independently


Challenge 3 Faith retreat


Challenge 4 Transition


Challenge 5 Team challenges


Challenge 6 Performing to families and school community