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Here at St. Anne’s Catholic Primary School, our principal aim is that children leave us with a wide range of happy and rich memories in Geography. Inspired by exciting experiences, driven through our curriculum vehicles, which enhance child’s awareness of their own abilities and strengths as a learner and their knowledge and understanding of their own locality and the wider world. We want children to have deep respect and love of their own locality and the wider world. 

Be inspired by learning from the best...

Alexander von Humboldt (1769-1859) was described by Charles Darwin as, "the greatest scientific traveller who ever lived." He is widely respected as one of the founders of modern geography. Alexander von Humboldt's travels, experiments, and knowledge transformed western science in the nineteenth century.

Geography Learning in KS1 and KS2

Geography Learning in EYFS

Inspirational Women in the History of Geography Projects

What our pupils say...


Brodhi - Year 1

"I enjoy learning geography. I learnt Stafford has a castle and a park at Wildwood. Stafford is my favourite place to learn about."


Peter - Year 2

"Geography is one of my favourite subjects. I have been learning about capital cities in the UK. I would like to find out more about some of the different flags around the world."


Camden - Year 3

"Geography is good, I know the countries and capital cities in the UK and the continents and oceans of the world."


Sofia - Year 4

"I enjoy geography, we have been learning about mountains. My favourite lesson was when we created posters and I made one about the Himalayas. We were allowed to research facts on the computer."


Imogen - Year 5

"I like geography, we are learning about deserts at the moment. We got to use the computers to research different deserts, we had to find 5 facts and also the answers to some research questions"


Jake - Year 6

"I love geography it's my favourite lesson. We are learning about rainforests. We had to mark on a map where the Conga rainforest was, but I also challenged myself to mark all the countries surrounding it."