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Wednesday, 19th Jan

Maths - Multiplying three numbers. Watch the video on the link below. Complete the activity sheet. Answers will be posted later.

English - Today we are going to begin drafting our memoir. Read the information on the document below to help you think about how to start your memoir and what you should include. Think about how to start your sentences in different ways such as using a fronted adverbial. Remember to include expanded noun phrases to keep your readers attention and describe your memory in lots of detail. Don't worry too much about spellings and the finer details yet as we will focus on this when we revise and edit our work. You will not be expected to finish your memoir today - authors don't finish their writing in a day - we will spend at least one more lesson on the drafting stage.

Science - Today we are looking at how sounds are made. Read the PowerPoint below then complete the task described. During your activities you are asked to play some musical instruments. Don't worry if you haven't got any at home. I'm sure you can find lots of other things that make sounds such as saucepans or noisy toys. Perhaps you could make your own eg. filling an empty bottle with rice to make a shaker.