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10th March 2022


Thank you to those who have sent in photographs/videos on Tapestry of their children developing their name recognition skills, could you please continue with this as our focus in literacy at the moment is name recognition and forming the correct pencil grip.


We will be looking at the number 5 for the next two weeks.  Watch the Number Block 5 episode on CBeebies and then talk and discuss the episode together.

What did you see five of in the episode?

Practise counting to five and putting up one finger at a time. Now try with the other hand!

Where can you see five things inside or outside your home? Can you take a picture or draw them?

Get five toys and make a toy picnic! Get five plates, five cups, five spoons and give one to each of your toys. Can you still see the five spoons and five cups?

Collect lots of buttons or one penny coins. Can you put them into groups of five?

Choose an action, for example, clapping, jumping, hopping, stamping. Can you do four hops and one more hop to make five hops? Five claps? Try to keep count as you do each action.

With an adult, draw around your hand and put a 5-pointed star on it to remind you of Five’s ‘High Five’!



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