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Please continue to add pictures and news to Tapestry.


Most children in today's world are very accomplished in using technology. Please can we ask you this week to add any evidence of your child using an types of technology. This could be an ipad, a remote control car, a computer, torches, CD player etc, an electric whisk etc. 



Please continue to read with your child and record in their reading diaries. 


Writing/letter formation

We are continuing to work on our letter formation and the children are becoming much more confident with this. To ensure good habits are formed we need to focus on this as often as possible in Reception. Please continue to work on this at home, using the rhymes to support if necessary. It is important children are starting letters in the correct place. Once the correct formation is there the next step is to sit letters on the line, showing ascenders and descenders. 


You may choose to do single letters or simple cvc words (hat, jam, sit, rat) to develop this. 




For maths this week please support your child with number formation from 0-9.


Thank you

Just a reminder...

Please ensure you log onto parent pay to consent for your child to join us on our trip to the Enchanted Forest on Monday 28th March. 


Please can we ask that all children have a spare set of pants, socks and bottoms in their bags incase of any accidents. We have had to change a few recently for a number of different reasons and we are very short on spare clothes in school. 

Thank you