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Half Term 21/02/22

During the next half term as part of our curriculum vehicle one of the things we will be looking at will be changes from winter to the spring season and how the weather will start become warmer and drier...hopefully!!!  Spring is the season of new beginnings, fresh buds bloom, animals awaken from their hibernation, baby animals are born, farmers and gardeners plant their seeds and temperatures slowly rise.  Myself and Miss Cummins thought that it would be a lovely idea if you could plant a flower seed or bulb into a little pot with your child during the half term holiday, which could then be brought into school, where the children can help them to grow and care for them by watering them everyday in school.  This will also be a lovely way for us to brighten up our outdoor area.  heart  If you could share photographs on Tapestry too, showing the potting of the seed/bulb, that would be fantastic. This a great opportunity to encourage communication and language skills and the children get so excited to see their photographs from home on our interactive whiteboard wink they love to come to the front and share their news with their friends.