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  We started this week with our wonderful trip to the Enchanted Forest, where the children searched for minibeasts, built fairy houses, made a Bogart and enjoyed toasted marshmallows.  This was the first school trip for the class and they were a real credit to our school and to you as their parents. 

  We also had the pleasure of welcoming you back into school for our first face to face parents evening since Covid.  Thank you for your attendance, the children have loved hearing the messages you left them.


  Back in school, the children have been writing thank you letters, practising number bonds making 5 and starting to count in 2s up to and beyond 10.  They have also been learning about the life cycle of a frog and different habitats, thinking about why animals are suited to their habitat.


  For homework this week, practise counting in 2s; colouring the numbers you count on a grid like the one below might be helpful.  Your child could also draw a picture of a habitat (e.g. forest, jungle, polar, desert etc) and label the habitat and animals living there.  Please also continue to practise your child's reading book as often as possible.


Many thanks,

the reception team.