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This week we have been learning all about Minibeasts. The children have been observing, drawing and writing descriptions of them. We have read a number of books to support this and we are very grateful for the children bringing in books from home. It is fantastic to see a love of books developing. One of the books brought in this week was all about the oceans and pollution. We discussed the importance of recycling and reducing plastics. 


Leading on from the children's interest in this, for homework we would like the children to create a minibeast using recycled materials. These can be photographed for tapestry or brought in. 


May is the a special month in the Catholic calendar as we celebrate Mary. Thank you for all the flowers, a spectacular floral display has been created in the school hall. 


We would also like the children to write a prayer of their own which we can add to a special prayer book in the classroom. We have talked about how we write prayers for many different reasons; to say thank you, to ask for help, to ask for forgiveness and to praise. 



Create a mini beast using recycled materials

Write a prayer

Read your reading book at least three times during the week before returning book bags on Wednesday.


Thank you for your continued support,

Reception Team