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 An appropriate reading book and the child's reading record need to be brought in everyday. The children's reading records need to be updated by parents or carers. Failure to provide reading record will result in the need to purchase a new reading record.


Linked below is a list of appropriate books for Year 5 which are arranged by topics and interests.

Class Reading Text


Our class reading story is Currently 'The Northern Lights by Phillip Pullman'. This book was mainly chosen by Mr. Lovatt as he absolutely loves the 'His Dark Materials' Trilogy!  Set in an alternate universe of species-shifting daemons, magical artefacts and forbidden knowledge, Northern Lights is the first step on a phenomenal journey of literary discovery. If you/ your child wants to get ahead of the class and learn about Lyra is rushing into the cold, far North, where witch clans and armored bears rule then I would highly recommend getting a copy!