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It has been a wonderful week back in school. The children all look like they have grown over the holiday and are certainly starting to look ready for Year 1. As you will have noticed, we are starting to prepare for Y1 by bringing all the children out at the end of the day to wait together to be called for going home. We are also starting to have more structured activities in preparation for lessons in year 1. 


This week in maths we have been looking at the properties of 2d shapes and we will continue to develop this further next week. 

For homework we would like your child to go on a shape hunt around the house or if you are on a walk to spot shapes they can see in everyday objects. 


It was 'World Oceans Day' on Wednesday this week. We have been reading a book called 'Alba,the hundred year old fish' and learning about the oceans around the world. We will continue with this theme next week and will be looking at ocean pollution in more detail and what part we can play in looking after the water around us.

For homework we would like the children to draw and label some underwater sea creatures. Please bring these in to school and we can display them in our underwater scene. 


Thank you