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17th June 2022

This week we share the story "The Snail and the Whale" by Julia Donaldson. We looked at rock pools and how they are formed.  We talked about the waves in the sea and how they come in and then go back out again.  We listened to and made our own sounds of the waves in the sea.  The children loved sharing their experiences of being at the seaside.  In maths we continued learning about length and height and enjoyed singing songs to help us remember the key vocabulary.

Long Short Opposites Song | Learning Opposites | Dream English Kids

Learn how to say Long and Short in this fun Action song for kids! Make sure to do all of the actions with Matt!Get this Song on the Opposite Songs Album:Spot...

Tall and Short | Jack Hartmann | Measurement Song

Tall or Short by Jack Hartmann introduces the concept of height and compares tall and short objects.Jack Hartmann gives real life examples of tall and short ...


Here are few practical ideas you could do at home to embed their knowledge of length and height.  Please upload photographs on Tapestry for us to share in class.