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Autumn Vehicle

Autumn Curriculum Vehicle

Year 5's autumn curriculum vehicle is Stargazing Live. Pupils will write, present and produce their own educational programmes. Pupils are due to take trip to Jodrell Bank to take part in the educational activities which they offer. Year 5 are then going to plan their scientific demonstrations, have them recorded and edit a programme together to showcase their knowledge! These programmes will then be shared throughout the school and with parents. 




Unfortunately due to the rise Covid cases in school and the restrictions which have been adhered to around the country, this terms Autumn vehicle will not conclude in the manner which was originally planned. Pupils will still utilise the skills they have been developing but this will take place within science lessons that take place within school. 


As a way to conclude the autumn term vehicle and to utilise those skills which Year 5 have developed, I encourage everyone to take part in the 'Count the Stars' event between the 6th and the 14th February. To celebrate the wonder of starry skies, CPRE, the countryside charity, together with the Cannock Chase AONB Partnership, have organised the CPRE’s Star Count, a cosmic census to map our view of the stars. Pupils can stargaze from your garden, balcony, doorstep or even bedroom window. Anyone can take part in the survey by choosing a clear night between 6-14 February and counting the number of stars they can see within the constellation of Orion. You don't need a telescope or any other equipment. It’s a family-friendly activity that’s quick and easy to do, even during lockdown, and can help more of us experience the beauty of a starry sky!