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Great Explorers and Inventors


During our spring term we learnt about great explorers and inventors. This included exploring the UK and Europe in our geography lessons as well as learning about famous explorers from around the world during our history lessons such as Ibn Battuta and Captain Scott. In addition, as part of our DT lessons we became inventors by creating our own free-standing structures. Our art lessons this term were be based upon the artist David Hockney. We explored all of the different paintings, prints and photographs he created. In science, we discovered the properties of a variety of materials. In the second half of our spring term, we had an exciting visit from Dantastic! He taught us about famous explorers, the conditions in the polar regions and we even got to see real artefacts and dress up as explorers! 

Lego Chairs

Georgia O'Keefe - Red Poppy - Inspired Art

Fitness Exercises

Melting and Cooling

Researching Famous Explorers

David Hockney

Exploring Materials - Natural or Man-Made?


Exploring the Guitar

Absorbency Experiment

Treasure Hunt

Inventing Animal Shelters