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Sacramental Preparation

Year 6 Confirmandi 2021

Thank you to all who helped to prepare and support the children on their confirmation journey, with special thanks to Father Bob and Bishop Stephen for a lovely service. The children are now filled with the Holy Spirit.

Virtual Visit with Bishop Steven - Confirmation 2021

Year 6 took part in a virtual meeting with Bishop Steven in preparation for their forthcoming Confirmation on Tuesday 12th October. I was very proud of the pupils' responses to Bishop Steven that reflected all the hard work they have put in to be ready to say 'yes' for themselves.

Vocations, Vocations, Vocations

As part of our preparation for Confirmation the BDES Vocation team visited Year 6 to teach them more about what vocation means in the Catholic faith.  The children enjoyed learning about the different types of vocations and took away with them that God will call them and they need to be ready to listen.  A vocation is not a job but a calling from God to lead a certain path in our lives.