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Year 5 Homework

If your child does not have online access at home, pupils can complete homework during lunchtime or playtime in school time. If alternative arrangements have been agreed, then the pupil must be organised and turn in their homework when all homework is due. If your child is unsure about any aspect, please encourage them to talk to me in class or send me an email.


Please report any issues with login details so that amendments can be made.


* A new expectation is that CenturyTech homework is completed with an average score of 60%. The videos and resources are there to support the homework completion so please encourage the utilisation of this support. *



In line with the MAC homework policy pupils in Year 5 will receive the following tasks each week:

Maths 60 minutes each week (arithmetic/reasoning/TTRS)

English 60 minutes each week (reading comprehension/SPaG/spelling/Reading Theory)

Daily reading of 20 mins - this should be recorded in pupils reading log.

NEW - Daily maths practice of arithmetic skills - this can be found in the arithmetic file below. It should be completed and marked at home from the answers provided.


Homework is published on Friday, please ensure your child plans their time carefully so homework is completed by the following Friday each week.


Repeated missing homework will lead to an escalation in line with Painsley MAC homework policy.

Daily Arithmetic Practice

Please click on each day to access the daily arithmetic questions. Once complete use the answers to mark.