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10th June 2022

Welcome back to school. We have a very busy term with lots of exciting learning.

The children have settled very well into their school day this week and have been very busy in their new learning.  This week we have shared the story "Billy's Bucket" by Kes Gray and Garry Parsons, we talked about using our imagination and what it means.  We drew a picture of what we would see in our bucket and then described to our teachers the creatures what we had drawn.  We've had lots of fun this week playing in a seaside shop and buying things that we would need for a trip to the seaside.


In maths we have been learning about length and height, we learned vocabulary such as long, short, tall and began to use comparisons such as "Mrs Little is taller than Miss Cummins"wink.  We used manipulatives to measure items in our classroom and compared the amount of cubes used to measure one item against the other.  We also played a game on our interactive whiteboard to compare different lengths and heights of objects.

For homework you could try some simple activities at home comparing length and height encouraging your child to use the the key vocabulary, any photographs taken and uploaded on Tapestry, will be shared in the classroom on the Interactive Whiteboard.

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