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Autumn Vehicle

DT - Make!

Year 6 had a lovely day baking and decorating their own cakes as part of their DT project. Seventy cakes later Mrs Campling definitely deserves a huge thank you!

DT - An afternoon with Emily from 'Emmies Buttercream Beauties'

Year 6 had an amazing afternoon on Monday with Emily from ‘Emmies Buttercream Beauties’. She came along and shared with the children her designs and tips to create great tasting and looking cakes. The children conducted a tasting session to evaluate the different flavours of cakes and undertook a masterclass in piping and decorating cupcakes. They are now truly inspired to create their baking creations in school next week!

Prove it!
As part of year 6's work on operations they have been revisiting square and cubed numbers. The children enjoyed their 'Prove it' prior learning task linked to cubed numbers!

Observation Drawing Year 6

Year 6 have been studying the work of Rodin in art. He was known for his observational drawing. The children have been developing their use of shade and tone to enhance their line drawings and today they have been using these skills to sketch a range of animal skulls and bones. Year 6 would like to send a big thank you to Miss Capewell from BWH art department for lending us the skulls and bones!

Virtual Visit with Bishop Steven - Confirmation 2021

Year 6 took part in a virtual meeting with Bishop Steven in preparation for their forthcoming Confirmation on Tuesday 12th October. I was very proud of the pupils' responses to Bishop Steven that reflected all the hard work they have put in to be ready to say 'yes' for themselves.

Vocations, Vocations, Vocations

As part of our preparation for Confirmation the BDES Vocation team visited Year 6 to teach them more about what vocation means in the Catholic faith.  The children enjoyed learning about the different types of vocations and took away with them that God will call them and they need to be ready to listen.  A vocation is not a job but a calling from God to lead a certain path in our lives.

Blessed William Howard Year 6 Transition Day

Year 6 had an amazing time at BWH on Tuesday. From learning about tension and extension in PE, to creating re-entry craft in Science and baking their own flat breads we all went home happy but ready for a rest. Year 6 would like to thank all the staff involved for an amazing experience.

Digitally Delicious

Year 6 had a great time learning about their autumn vehicle 'Digitally Delicious'! With thanks to Mr Kiplings generous voucher, the children enjoyed cake and excited conversation of how they were going to bring the vehicle to life! Watch this space for more exciting news on a truly delicious project!