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Spring Vehicle

For our Spring Vehicle, Year 5 will undergo a project to improve the ecology of their school, their local area and an area of particular interest. This project will empower Year 5 by providing them with the challenges, tools and ideas they need to take action on issues which affect them. Throughout the term, Year 5 will have a positive impact in their local communities and on the planet. This wonderful project also has the potential to have  a positive impact on the pupils wellbeing as we approach our Summer Term. 

Year 5 designed Jubilee gardens to celebrate the Queen's Platinum Jubilee. Year 5 looked at the type of plants that they could use to design the garden. Pupils also thought about which plants would bloom into the royal colours. 

Thanks to a very kind donations from Ann Edgeller, parents and a local planting nursery Year 5 were able to plant a wide variety of plants and tree on the school field and in the prayer garden. This wide variety of plants will significant improve the ecology of the school grounds. The pupils worked well in small teams to properly dig, plant and water their flowers, bushes and trees so that they will take root during the Easter break.