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This week we have been continuing to look at the continent of Africa, this week we have learnt about the animals which can be found in Africa, we enjoyed the book 'The Ugly Five'.  We have also explored the texts of Handa's surprise and Handa's Hen. 

In maths, we have continued to look at patterns and the children are able to explain the pattern and the 'code' for it. They enjoyed using this new knowledge to create their own patterns on fruit kebabs. 


We are very impressed with progress the children are making in their reading and writing. Please continue to work on these at home, it really does make a huge difference. The more confident the children are with these the more they will want to write independently. Challenge your child to help you write a shopping list, or a small message for someone. 


For maths this week we would like the children to create patterns using objects from home - this could be lego bricks, objects of different sizes/colours, stones/sticks/leaves etc. Please encourage your child to talk about the pattern they have made and challenge them to make an alternative one. Please record these on Tapestry. 


Finally, we hope you have had a chance to see the song the children have been working on for Mother's day on Tapestry and we wish you a lovely, restful weekend.